Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hypothetically, if you could get past the whole heartbreak part of Mass Effect and somehow ignore it- lol okay, really, I said HYPOTHETICALLY, okay- then I think the most emotionally draining part of the games for me was seeing these in AT LEAST every other star system, and then not being allowed to remark on this phenomenon ever, not once in the entire trilogy, not in a simplest, least consequential dialogue, never ever.

I mean, I’m not saying that this should sway the Council in any way. But I’d appreciate just a single dialogue where you can throw a galactic encyclopedia at them and yell about their own scientists and their own legit research. Because the way it is now, it’s like the game implies that either I’m just imagining things, or that SHEPARD IS A FUCKING MORON who can’t acknowledge the simplest connection here.

And if not the Citadel Council, then at least some goddamn scientists. Come on. COME ON GODDAMMIT

I mean, they can date that shit, can’t they? They are goddamn Asari scientists, of course they fucking can. Dude. “50.000 years ago? BAM! Protheans. 50.000 years before that? BAM! Orbital bombardment of some goddamn sapient sheep or whatever. Another 50.000 earlier? BAM! Some avian assholes gone. BAM! Flying trees bombed straight to hell. BAM! Talking sofas extinct. BAM! BAM! BAM! Where is your god now, Citadel space. Cycles. Fucking cycles. C-y-c-l-e-s. Do you want me to write it down for you. C. Y. C. L. E. S. Here you go. Study this shit carefully.”

God. So frustrating. I’m not saying it should have CONSEQUENCES. Just let me yell it in someone’s face in-game and then renegade-punch them when they ignore me. And then they can ignore me further, just

just let me punch them okay

just one tiny punch


And then there’s this:

My guess for a compelling reason to bomb the shit out of a planet is that someone played a game with super-important story-relevant stuff the protagonist can never mention to anyone in-game.